Our Services

Fund Raising

  • Offer assistance in the areas of project finance, working capital, offshore finance, acquisition finance, external commercial borrowings (ECBs) and cross-border projects funding
  • Raising debt financing both in domestic and international markets, with cross-border experience.
  • Arrange both long-term & short-term finance including working capital and trade finance at competitive costs.
  • Quasi/Mezzanine Debt (Acquisition debt, Special situation debt)
  • Providing customised solutions for project finance covering fund-based and non-fund-based finance, drawing up financial models, preparing project bids and ensuring timely financial closure.
  • Advise on alternatives for existing debt and issuance of new debt.
  • Advising and executing PE transactions across sectors like oil & gas, Manufacturing, Trading etc.
  • Our PE investment process includes capital need assessment, structuring, negotiations, due diligence, deal closing and future exit.
  • Advice on all aspects of raising equity capital, including valuation, underwriter selection, incentive structuring, investor targeting, listing venue selection, syndicate structuring, security structuring, and offering size and pricing.

M&A and Corporate Restructuring

  • Identification of the business to be acquired
  • Strategic planning of acquisition
  • Identifying key targets locally and internationally
  • Valuation
  • Transaction structuring, and negotiation
  • Advice on financing, be it debt, equity or other more complex instruments
  • Supervising due diligence, legal and other issues to work towards a successful completion
  • Providing solutions to those businesses looking to achieve growth and profitability in their operations through:
  • Equity alliances including joint ventures, share swaps etc.; and
  • Non-equity alliances including co-operative agreements such as co-production contracts, technology sharing, supply arrangements, marketing agreements, etc..
  • Advising clients in stressed or distressed situations on capital structure and capital raising.
  • Providing restructuring advisory services to companies and its stakeholders in under performing companies and companies experiencing liquidity problems.

Strategic and Management support

  • Management Support in Decision Making & Key Business area
  • Negotiations of JVs, contracts, arrangements, collaboration etc.
  • Relationship Management